How does SEM Work?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM are used to describe marketing your business with a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing) or other search engines. Sometimes this type of marketing is referred to as CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) because the majority of these advertisements are calculated on a CPC or PPC basis.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing provides dealers the opportunity to bid on specific keywords that are associated with their products and/or services. When a user types in a keyword, phrase, or term using a popular search engine, your dealership's ads appear in the search results under sponsored listings.

SEM is an important strategy that will help your customers locate you easily during their search for services related to your business. A successful SEM strategy requires significant time, proper resources, and an experience staff. SEM can easily become overwhelming and could potentially cost your company a lot of money in a very short period of time if not done properly. At DealerPPC we are highly skilled with SEM and have developed tried and true practices to utilize SEM to the benefit of your dealership.

In today's competitive environment, can you really afford not to be found by potential online consumers?

What will SEM do for my business?

Increase Traffic
Properly managed, Pay-Per-Click marketing will drive more traffic to your website through top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing), etc. You will attract users to visit your website who have just searched for products or services that you offer.

Acquire More Qualified Leads
Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. are designed to match a customer's search with the most relevant results. DealerPPC's marketing specialists will determine the keywords/phrases that best describe every aspect of your business. We will customize your ad campaign to ensure that customers interested in products and services that you offer will be directed to your website.

Reduce Your Cost on Third Party Lead Providers
Using third party lead providers can be costly, ineffective way to obtain new leads. Unlike a third party lead provider who distributes the same leads to many of your competitors, DealerPPC will generate quality leads exclusively for your dealership from within your website. The leads you receive from our marketing efforts will provide you with substantially higher closing rates (up to 25%), compared to third party lead provider's industry average of 3%-6%.

How does PPC Work?

We Don't Set & Forget
While most SEM providers rely on automated software to manage your company's ad campaigns, DealerPPC understands the importance of the “human element”. Our SEM experts will create ads that coordinate with your current marketing strategy. We will also research, update, and bid on relevant keyword/phrases as often as needed to ensure your advertising budget produces above average results.

Team Collaboration Produces Results
DealerPPC specializes in automotive pay-per-click and will work closely with your staff to discover keywords/phrases that target customers who are in the “buying phase”, “shopping phase”, and “research phase”. This strategy can produce immediate results as well as increase your lead pipeline for future business.

Exclusive Territory
DealerPPC offers exclusivity to your dealership in your territory. When you become a client of DealerPPC, your competition becomes our competition. We will analyze your web presence against your competitors and identify opportunities to increase traffic and leads to your dealership. Our staff will give you dedicated, personal attention because we want you to be the leader in your market. We understand that the success of your business directly measures the quality of our services.

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